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TOMPCpl - Anya San
Score: 2.50 | Votes: 8

Link to this animutation from your site: http://www.animutationportal.com/view/277
Check out the wiki article for this animutation: Anya San
Author's comments:
Sonic is in love in Anya San, so he started to sing about she
Adult content: Maybe a Little
Original Song/Artist: Unknown
Release Date: 2007/06/05
Length: 1:00 minutes
Views 3536 Downloads 207

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Joined: 2006/2/5
From: Universe, Milky Way, Solar System, Earth, North America, USA, [part cut off], my house
Posts: -1
I didn't like it. It had too much singing, not enough action. And too short. [if it's short, it needs to be quite entertaining IMO to make it worthwile]

Cola can touch this, while it had flaws as well, was better than this.
Posted: 2007/7/16 14:39 | Updated: 2007/7/16 14:40


Joined: 2006/10/6
Posts: -1
Sorry I just honestly thought it was a waste of that marvelous song.

All of your animutations don't have enough wacky, haywire things happening.
Posted: 2007/7/16 16:20 | Updated: 2007/7/16 16:20

 Re: bad

Joined: 2007/6/8
From: Computer.
Posts: -1
I am working on animutation with more FX and action.
Edit:I used system restore because my computer are going to mess up. I need make it from scratch :(
Posted: 2007/7/20 11:40 | Updated: 2007/7/22 4:19

 Re: bad

Joined: 2006/10/6
Posts: -1
Also, Sonic's singing didn't match his mouth very well, and some of the fake lyrics (at least "oxyrusuis" or whatever it was) didn't fit.
Posted: 2007/7/24 21:06 | Updated: 2007/7/24 21:06

 Re: bad

Joined: 2007/1/18
Posts: -1
What song is it? The computers here don't have speakers, and I forgot my headphones again. But there wasn't enough crap happening and the fake lyrics text was too freaking big.
Posted: 2007/7/25 11:56 | Updated: 2007/7/25 11:56

 Re: bad

Joined: 2006/10/6
Posts: -1
This was the first animutational polish song Indogutsu posted on Nomocle's page. Not the Blachary one, the Aja Sam one.
Posted: 2007/7/25 12:42 | Updated: 2007/7/25 12:42


Joined: 2006/11/4
From: Some sort of parallel universe
Posts: -1
Didn't like it very much. It didn't have much stuff going on and was a bit boring.

"Cola can touch this" was much better IMO.

EDIT: Another thing I noticed was that there too many Sonic references and not much of anything else.
Posted: 2007/7/16 16:35 | Updated: 2007/7/17 21:45

 Re: Uhh...

Joined: 2006/2/5
From: Universe, Milky Way, Solar System, Earth, North America, USA, [part cut off], my house
Posts: -1
I agree with you, t3hCoM, on the overuse of Sonic. For non-Sonic stuff, there was only some face and the Wii(the latter being for only one frame).
Posted: 2007/7/18 13:32 | Updated: 2007/7/18 13:32

 Re: Uhh...

Joined: 2006/10/6
Posts: -1
And a bomb, a cigarette, a plane, and an eye (the last for one frame)
Posted: 2007/7/25 19:57 | Updated: 2007/7/25 19:57


Joined: 2006/7/8
Posts: -1
It didn't have enough stuff in it. The really old animutations had more action. Also, to much black background. You could change it up a little, ya know.
Posted: 2007/7/16 16:41 | Updated: 2007/7/16 16:41

 Re: BOO

Joined: 2006/10/6
Posts: -1
I mean, practically all there is Sonic singing with Tails moving around once and awhile with maybe a few images at the beginning and end!
Posted: 2007/7/17 23:16 | Updated: 2007/7/17 23:16

 Re: BOO

Joined: 2007/1/18
Posts: -1
I actually sort of liked this, although the fake lyric should be at the bottom of the screen, not the top, and some of the fake lyrics weren't very good. (like the "scytche in sun")

And it definitely needed more going on during the singing parts.
Posted: 2007/8/4 21:15 | Updated: 2007/8/4 21:16

 Re: BOO

Joined: 2006/10/6
Posts: -1
And I have no idea why you jumped back to the "play when loaded" thing, when you seem to have full knowledge of making percent preloaders.
Posted: 2007/8/10 13:05 | Updated: 2007/8/10 13:05

 Re: BOO

Joined: 2007/1/18
Posts: -1
Probably laziness.
Posted: 2007/10/21 21:04 | Updated: 2007/10/21 21:04

 Re: BOO

Joined: 2006/10/6
Posts: -1
And that makes sense because this whole movie is kind of symbolic of laziness.
Posted: 2007/11/2 23:57 | Updated: 2007/11/2 23:57

Too Much Spare Time?
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Posted: 2014/11/25 3:46 | Updated: 2014/11/25 3:46

Colin Worshipper
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Posted: 2015/6/15 3:47 | Updated: 2015/6/15 3:47

Too Much Spare Time?
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Posted: 2015/9/9 1:53 | Updated: 2015/9/9 1:53

 Re: fang
An Old Blue Scot called Dill
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