Animutation of the Week 01/08/10

Date 2010/1/10 4:25:52 | Topic: ANIMUTATION OF THE DAY

Since I missed last week, I will be featuring two fanimutations today (by the same artist).

licky by Mr. And Mrs. Wheatley

Licky is a wonderfully dark fanimutation. It's choppy looks and hand drawn elements combined with odd images gives it a neat look that few animutations have ever achieved.

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i say potato by Mr. And Mrs. Wheatley

I say potato was the first fanimutation made by this artist, and it shows. While the animation and artistic style may be crude, it has that charm that many of the older fanimutations have. A must watch if you like the older style!

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In an un-related note, if I make any spelling errors, I was probably too lazy to check off the bat. Also, if I edit it, it breaks! So any spelling errors were found afterward.

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