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Animutation of the Day is designed to showcase some of the more obscure, less viewed animutations out there on the internet. A brief description is usually given with each, as well as any available links to it.
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ANIMUTATION OF THE DAY : Animutation of the Week - Christmas 2009
Posted by Mr Excel on 2009/12/25 3:50:00

An Xmas Fanimutated by Max le Fou


Full Review is here! Read on!

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ANIMUTATION OF THE DAY : Animutation of the Week 12/18/2009
Posted by Mr Excel on 2009/12/18 3:40:00

Grrl Revolution by Mykie

Grrl Revolution is an animutation with something a little different about it. Grrl Revolution is made with Shockwave instead of Flash! Not only does this give a smooth look, but the images are all crisp and lack any jpeg compression. The mondegreening goes along with the song well enough and while most images are cut out in good measure, some do have white blocks and other problems around them. The song is a long Japanese pop track, but Mykie keeps the tempo up throghout and maintains the fresh look by avoiding backtracking and re-using the same scenes. A must watch.

Insomnimania.org <-- Requires the Adobe Shockwave plugin to play.

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ANIMUTATION OF THE DAY : Animutation of the Day 12/14/2009
Posted by Mr Excel on 2009/12/14 1:30:28

Arookoo Toe by Basalisk

Arookoo Toe is a simple animutation that brings back memories of the origionals. Using simple mondegreens that sometimes can be hard to follow and mosltly whole images, it lacks style, but makes up for it in its simplistic charm. The song, itself, is poppy enough to keep the animutation flowing. The fanimutation utilizes a "Deja Vu Mode" that is just the previous scene with a filter over it. Aside from that little problem, the animutation is still fun to watch, and it is recommended if you like animutations of the Japanese language!

Simply insert the capcha and you are on your way!

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ANIMUTATION OF THE DAY : Animutation of the Day 12/13/2009
Posted by Mr Excel on 2009/12/13 4:54:19

Cappucchino Piano Piano (Learning French) by Jenn

Cappucchino Piano Piano gives us a lesson in learning the French language. The usage of mondegreens in this fanimutation is fantastic. Every word sounds the same as it's counterpart, and it doesn't sound forced at all. Some of the mondegreens come with "translation" in English below them. Although they are mondegreens, there is actually one or two properly translated words, so you may actually come off of watching this fanimutation with a little knowledge of the French language. Most of the graphics constitute of whole images that either tween in-and-out, or something similar. The main focus of the fanimutation, aside from learning French, is to see the garden gnome make its way through Jenn's high school. There are many pictures of teachers, friends, and classmates with the gnome, and it adds a personal touch to the otherwise pop culture-laden genre.


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ANIMUTATION OF THE DAY : Animutation of the Day 12/12/2009
Posted by Mr Excel on 2009/12/12 1:00:00

Cherry Coke by Virtual Sting

Cherry Coke, which utilizes an english language rap song by none other than Aaron Ackerson, is a pretty good example of what animutations should resemble. Virtual Sting's use of non-traditional backgrounds (instead going for a more of a trippy non-epileptic flashing using several spinning squares) brings an air of freshness to the genre. His mondegreening is questionable, though, pulling mondegreens out of clear english. He uses mostly whole images, but cutouts can be seen throughout. This animutation certainly isn't an bore to watch, and he effectively keeps your attention throughout, although it is not at all that fast-paced. If you like Aaron Ackerson's style of rap, or animutations that aren't that "flashy and in-your-face," you should definitely check it out.

Bonus Features:
*Special Thanks

Available for Viewing at:
Aaronackerson.com (Direct Link)

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