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Gordon is an indispensable presence for the Rockets
Too Much Spare Time?
2015/5/27 1:04
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When the Timberwolves off the bench Muhammad, cut off the knife cut the Rockets throat, hit the heart to help Minnesota to win three points to help the game, this moment, the Rockets miss their great http://www.officialraptorstore.com/Amir_Johnson_Jersey sixth man Eric Gordon. Rockets fiasco night proved that Gordon is an indispensable presence of the Rockets, it is no wonder that Mike D'Antonio will lose in today after the recognition Gordon eager to return.
Gordon was absent for the second straight game because of a toe injury. In his absence 2 games, the Rockets first lead 20 + points almost reversed by the Hornets, relying on Harden consecutive 40 + points in the first two games only three points in the clearance. Gordon is not, the loss of the Rockets is not only averaging 17.8 points, 3.7 three points, his value is not reflected in the basic data. In this Rockets, Gordon is James Harden Rockets outside the second ball, the second scorer. When the presence of Harden, Gordon is responsible for siege, to attack the main ball. And when Harden is not present, Gordon is the core of the field defender identity exists, he had to score with the ball attack, the organization of attack.
Moreover, Gordon is a little underrated, and that is his defense, this season, Gordon can opponents shooting to 43.5%, his pick-and-roll defense is very efficient, when he was playing the Rockets defensive significantly better. This season, Gordon is the Rockets attack the most efficient perimeter player, he has no ball attack and no offense with the corner. When he was with Harden presence, Rockets attack extremely sharp
Think back a month ago the Rockets away magic win over the Wolves, when the Rockets in the distal big score backward staged three frenzy, the final game will be dragged Red Adidas DeMar DeRozan Jersey into overtime to complete the reversal. That one, Gordon came off the bench hit four three-pointers scored 20 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, overtime he hit the key one-third of the Rockets set a great reversal. Now Gordon injury, the Rockets distal once again behind a large margin, but no longer able to perform magic.
Like today, Gordon is not, the Rockets second team completely misfiring, no one can self-attack. As Gordon can not play, Harden shoulders the pressure increases, although he H under 33 points, but the playing time of up to 39 minutes, back to back lack of physical, feel a corresponding decline, errors also increased.

Posted on: 1/12 3:58:32
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