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To rush the western conference, it must trade
Too Much Spare Time?
2015/5/27 1:04
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Saying that Morey has just released on the special rhetoric, "the Rockets goal is to go beyond the Warriors Spurs!" Voice just off the road Texans DeAndre Hopkins Limited Jersey in the tragic Minnesota brawl, with 14 points poor defeat. The problem is where? First of all, we must face the objective factor is that the Rockets really tired. Back to back playing spirit, after all, just a joke, no one can withstand their own physiological limits. Taking into account the Rockets yesterday in the case of leading 20 points to death, wasted physical fitness, a war with the Timberwolves today, it becomes even more difficult.
An unavoidable problem is that the Rockets are now exposed to injuries in the case of exposure to the lineup on the short board. Yes, the Rockets is currently only 10 people available in the loss of Capella and small Gordon, only 8 people. This also includes the "smiling cavalry company commander" Brewer ... ... Rockets fans are not defined as the fly him, the whole game played 27 minutes and 12 seconds, we can see off the city employment side, stretched.
Why is there such a situation? The reason is that Morey in the squad into the too much waste wood. McDaniel was rejected because of style conflict, Brown, Ennis is the ability problem, Asoua Aku and Virginia, is a reserve force. So the original 10-man lineup looks good, but in fact once someone was injured, flew to become stretched. On the other hand, Ennis is not never used, can not even get the point guard Antonio, can only give up the rescue.
Last summer, Beasley's departure, means http://www.redskinsfootballproshop.com/Josh-Norman-Jersey that the Rockets only Harden and Gordon, Gordon is now injured, the second team immediately became embarrassed; and Motiejunas' departure, which means The Rockets missed the opportunity to strengthen. After all, is to renew the operation of the motorized hat, on the contrary, if you want to sign a free agent, the Rockets have no room, only the use of basic salary. The basic salary can get how the grade of the players, presumably Needless to say, should know.
So for the Rockets, if you want to reinforce the lineup, probably only one way to go through, that is, trading!

Posted on: 1/12 3:08:10
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