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Cavs is absolutely the most talented team he joined
Too Much Spare Time?
2015/5/27 1:04
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Just joined the Cavaliers Kyle Korver for the first time on behalf Game Isaiah Crowell Browns Jersey of the new team played against the old club Utah Jazz, but he only feel cold today, two points, three-pointers 2-0 in the third gunner did not play the firepower.
Today's game is clearly Korver and the team is still in the run-in period, and his teammates with the understanding does not result in some mistakes, in the jazz under high-intensity defense, the attack is not too much good third shot opportunities. Knight coach said after the game, "This is the first game he played, I think he performed well, but also need to be familiar with our defensive rotation and offensive post moves.Section II of his post moves Very good, to help us open the space, he also tried to create opportunities for air-cutting, and we will continue to strive to adapt to him as soon as possible. "After the game, the locker room Kewoer seems a bit tired, may be just a wave away with the Hawks After the trip has not had time to rest, but also non-stop to join the Cavaliers to the new owner of the road trip, but after changing the door, perhaps Korver can usher in the first career championship trophy.
Korver today is against the old club Utah Jazz, although wearing a Cavaliers shirt, in Salt Lake City has a good reputation in the warm-up when he was a appearances by the fans cheering. Before the warm-up, he focused on practicing three-pointers, James also deliberately constantly from the site to feed him the various http://www.broncosauthenticofficial.com/brandon-marshall-jersey_c-564.html positions, so that they can be familiar with each other's rhythm. Reporters observed a bit, Korver hit the ball on the hit rate is still considerable, and basically how not to vote lost, Zhan Huang's proposal is quite effective. Knight coach Tyler-Lu also answered questions about how Korver is integrated into the offense: "He knows a lot of similar tactics, like Hawk action and Memphis Twist, he's been playing in the league for a long time, We also have the same tactics, when he participated in the post moves, we will try these tactics, other times we will play high pick-and-roll, will arrange him in the corner of the third space, so he has time to become familiar with our "This is the hardest part, especially when you come to a team with a very different defensive system, and we understand that we are working with him to overcome it," he said. problem."
Before the game James said in an interview: "When Korver walked into the locker room, I told him the first thing is, if you want to integrate into the team as soon as you receive the ball to vote, when you touch the ball "Although this is some joking means, but the addition of Korver makes James addition of a stable around the third, to maximize the use of the Zhanhuang Rugby Quartet as the ball field of vision. Koval responded to the team's advice: "I'm glad to hear that, and that's what you've heard Nike Kenny Stills Women Jersey from the best guys, he's had a lot of experience with the ball, He also said that if you received the ball in the open, then let it go, do not worry not enter.I think this team is definitely the most talent I joined the team.

Posted on: 1/12 2:05:30
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